Our new UNIPOR SILVACOR clay block, containing up to 65 % wood (SILVA lat.: forest, COR lat.: heart), brings cosiness and warmth into your home in a completely natural way. The ceramic clay block encloses an insulating filling of natural wood fibres inside. The combination of both materials – and therefore their special physical building properties – is unique. Thanks to the negative CO2 contribution of wood, the clay block/wood hybrid building material ensures a positive ecological balance.

Building owners who decide in favour of solid wall construction using UNIPOR SILVACOR clay blocks benefit twice – the ecological clay blocks enable the construction of solid exterior walls with good sound insulation and high load-bearing capacity – a particularly sustainable, natural and efficient wall construction material solution for future-oriented building.

Available in various thicknesses

49 cm – 42,5 cm – 36,5 cm

UNIPOR WS075 SILVACOR – the new SILVACOR impresses with outstanding values in terms of thermal conductivity, sound insulation and compressive strength. With purely natural materials, a highly thermally insulating masonry in a monolithic construction – completely without a thermal insulation composite system.



With an impressive heat recovery of up to 93 % and an automatically closing flap mechanism, our system has set new standards in terms of energy efficiency. The low noise level and low power consumption emphasise our commitment to an environmentally friendly future.
Our ventilation system is a masterpiece of engineering that blends seamlessly into your home. Designed for direct installation in roller shutter boxes, it remains invisible from the outside while achieving great results on the inside. Enjoy a healthy and well-tempered indoor climate without compromising the aesthetics of your home.

Available in different versions

Suitable for masonry thicknesses of 49 cm - 42.5 cm - 36.5 cm

The ventilation system from Leipfinger-Bader is available as decentralised ventilation with heat recovery as well as an exhaust air set. Designed for new builds, the ventilation duct is located inside the roller shutter box when the ventilation system is combined with a roller shutter or external venetian blind box. Other versions for new builds or refurbishments can be realised via a built-in block or a drilled hole. Additional components such as a condensation point control system enable automatic, energy-efficient and targeted ventilation of damp cellar rooms.

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